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Spatial structures offer aesthetic solutions to roof constructions, particular those of large span. Consisting of tubular members and joints, they can be used to build structures of almost any geometry. They are easy to transport and can be erected on site without the need for special tools or trained personnel.

Developed in the Netherlands, the Advanced Truss System (ATS) represents a technically superior space frame product.

This unique and patented single bolt connection system incorporates a spring and seal, which permit the end of the bolt to be pressed in level with the end of the sleeve. This enables bars to be connected individually, without having to 'create room' by slackening the connections of neighbouring bars.

Short tubular fittings, incorporating the ATS system, also provide end connections to struts of high quality laminated spruce.
The fittings are fixed to the struts, either by epoxy adhesive or by pin connections. In this way, a vast range of wooden struts can be produced of cylindrical, square or polygonal cross-sections, which can be assembled with the same ease as the steel space frame members.